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Gran Canaria raffled a trip on a famous Israeli TV show

The contest was part of a promotional strategy for Gran Canaria in Israel, planned and executed by the KEN Comunicación team in Tel Aviv.


Representatives of the  Gran Canaria Tourist Board traveled to Israel in June to carry out positioning actions. Especially, they participated in the Tel Aviv Pride 2022 and the Dreck party. Among the participants, they raffled off a trip for two people to the island, broadcast on the networks by the television program Erev Tov with Guy Pines, one of the most popular in Israel.


The contest was also published on the official Instagram account ofGran Canaria in Hebrew, managed by  KEN Comunicación. It is a new profile oriented specifically to the Israeli public and includes content about the tourist attractions of the destination, such as its natural landscapes, gastronomy, gay-friendly and exclusive services, shopping centers and more


Following the launch of the contest in Erev Tov, Israelis began participating for the trip. They had to follow the account and comment with whom they would go to see Gran Canaria. In 24 hours, more than 1,500 users signed up and, after the draw, the lucky winner was notified.


The award ceremony will take place formally in September, when representatives of Gran Canaria appear in Tel Aviv to, among other things, participate in Shalom Spain. In addition to presenting the winners, it will be in an exchange event with the Israeli press specialized in tourism and influencers who collaborate with the dissemination of the destination among large audiences in Israel. The realization of the contest had a broad and segmented scope among the public of Israel. This shows that actions like this are positive when it comes to promoting a destination that is new to a potential market. 


Likewise, by participating in specific events of the Tel Aviv gay pride week in addition to the draw, Gran Canaria achieved a strategic position in the LGBTIQ+ segment of Israel in 2022, which allows it to continue with its agenda as planned.

TurEspaña organizes Shalom Spain in Tel Aviv

TurEspaña organiza en septiembre el Shalom Spain, un evento para promocionar destinaciones españolas en el mundo del turismo de Israel.

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Gran Canaria participates in the Tel Aviv Gay Pride 2022

Gran Canaria participó de las actividades oficiales del Pride de Tel Aviv 2022 con el patrocino de la famosa fiesta Dreck en el puerto de la ciudad.

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Influencers de Israel en el Maspalomas Pride 2022

KEN Comunicación organizó un viaje de familiarización a Gran Canaria del que participaron reconocidos influencers LGBTIQ+ israelíes.

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