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Israeli influencers at Maspalomas Pride 2022

Four leaders of the Israeli gay community visited the Spanish islandand enjoyed one of the most famous Pride in Europe.


Within the framework of the plan to promote Gran Canaria In Israel, KEN Comunicación organized a familiarization trip for Israeli LGBTIQ+. Gal Yaaery, Eran Mazor Hecht, Eden Daniel Gabay, Nadir Eliahu y Leon Schniderovsky participated in Maspalomas Gay PrideWeek in May 2022.


The participants landed in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria on May 11 and, from that moment, they began to enjoy the festival of diversity that was already taking place in Maspalomas, one of the top LGBTIQ+ tourist centers in Europe.


Travelers from all over the world stay there at any time of the year and visit the exclusive and gay-friendly beaches, pubs, restaurants and wellness centers. This year, from May 5 to 15, Maspalomas Pride was celebrated, known for its spectacular parade, drag queen parades, concerts, performances, and night and day parties on beaches and pools.


Israelis experienced much of this event first-hand, intermingled with more than 250,000 participants from around the world, thus discovering a destination that has diversity and pride as its flag, andbringing the experience back to Israel.


In addition, each influencer documented the activities of the five days of the trip through social networks, obtaining a positive reception from the audience. In the photos and videos released, they showed their followers that Gran Canaria is a different place from what is already known and, above all, a complete destination that Israeli tourists have yet to discover.


During the trip, the influencers were also taken to tour the tourist attractions of the island, such as the coasts, the imposing dunes and beach, where the gay community meets and it is possible to enjoy a movie sunset.


In turn, excursions were carried out through the old city of the capital, the picturesque Puerto de las Nieves and the town of Tejeda. There, an experience in nature was combined with local gastronomic tastings, such as cheeses, coffee and fish from ranches and restaurants that stand out internationally.


In addition to this, Canarian wine cellars managed to publicize their novelties by inviting travelers to travel their wine routes and taste atypical wines made from grapes that grow in the heights of volcanic lands and that, without a doubt, they will take with them to Israel.


Finally, between partying, fun and pride, the Israelis were able to enjoy the relaxing services that Gran Canaria offers to tourists, such as wellness centers and exclusive gay saunas.


As it could not be left out, the adventure ended with an afternoon of shopping, where it was possible to take advantage of the Canarian low-tax zone, so that the best brands present their products at considerably reduced prices compared to the rest of Europe. After returning to Tel Aviv, the participants agreed that it was a new and enriching experience on an island that has everything for.


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